We know that poker is one of the favorite games of Online Casino . When we think of gambling, we immediately imagine a casino full of players around poker tables. That is why it is not surprising that online poker has become one of the favorite games of both the real casino and the online casino.

It is not really known where this game came from. What we do know is that it didn’t take long for poker to spread all over the world, being the protagonist of tournaments and events of all kinds. Now, why has online poker become so popular? Will it be a natural cycle in games?

In this guide to Poker for Beginners we will tell you about its benefits when playing online, betting, among other things that can make a difference when playing poker as a beginner.

Let’s start with the poker tables

In games like poker, the table or board has nothing special, it is the place where the players and the dealer assigned to the game are located.

The number of players that are accepted at the poker tables usually varies when playing poker, especially online, since it will depend directly on the casino with which you play. However, they are usually between five to seven players per table.

Before playing poker online it is important to know the rules of the game

These rules that we mention here are quite generalized. Online poker has a variety of variants. It is worth noting that these poker rules apply both in the online casino and in real betting houses.

The best known version of poker is played under very simple rules. The game is divided into parts, which are given the names of pre-flop, flop, turn and river.

The main objective when playing poker is to build a hand from the cards that the dealer gives us and those that have been put on the table as community cards. The player at the table who has the best hand in the poker game will be the winner and will be able to win a sum of real money even in this way.

The benefits you get when playing poker

Beginner poker has many benefits to be gained when choosing a room to play at. In order to take advantage of bonuses and promotions, an online poker player must sign up for at least 3-4 rooms.

It is important to keep in mind when choosing to opt for bookmakers that offer good bonuses.

It is also important to make sure you are looking for a competition that is more suited to your level as a player. In online poker rooms where players are experienced, beginners are more likely to lose.

All online poker games also have bonuses during their bets in order to keep the user motivated during their play.

How can we choose the right poker?

When we have to choose as beginners we must bear in mind that it is a fundamental decision when starting your bets, and it is none other than choosing the correct game in which to start.

When it comes to playing online there are many different options to play, among them we can highlight: tournaments, cash tables and sit-and-go.

So before choosing which way to bet you must first ask yourself what your goal is.

If your main reason is for the pleasure and fun that the game generates as such or if your goal is to learn to reach the necessary level and then be able to participate in a tournament, sit-and-go and tournaments can be the best choice. both for entertainment and to practice for a tournament.

Online poker games can be found in different versions. Even so, there are always the most popular ones: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Five Card Draw and Three Card Poker, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Horse.

We tell you a little about each one

Texas Holdem : This is the best known poker game, played between six and nine people approximately. Two poker cards are dealt to each player on the table and five community cards are placed.

Omaha : It is quite similar to Holdem poker in terms of the type of bets, with a difference regarding the number of cards that are played with.

Omaha Hi Lo : It is a variant of the previous poker very similar in the bets and where six to nine players can play.

Five Card Draw and Three Card Poker : It is a very peculiar version in which the player can, if he wants, change his cards in the deck during his play.

Seven Card Stud : It consists of five betting rounds, it is an ideal option for real games or private plays.

Razz : In this version the bad hands are taken into account, since one of its plays is represented by the lowest hand.

Horse : This is the most versatile, it combines the previous five games and has been the most popular in recent times.

When playing, make sure you don’t make these mistakes…

Not knowing the playing position

Hand position is a very important aspect of any game. The later you have to act, the more information you will have when you have to act and make your decision.

If you are in late position you can choose to act knowing what the other players have done and react according to their actions.

Keep an eye on the number of players at the table

One of the fundamental things in online poker games is knowing that the value of a hand decreases with the number of players at the table.

If you only have two opponents, for example, a hand like Ace-Eight can be very good, whereas if you decide to act first and find yourself at a table of nine players, this hand is practically worthless because there are a reasonable number of possibilities. that some other player has a better hand than you.

In poker, you need to know the rules of the game, the odds, and the actions of other players. When you do this you will be able to use that knowledge at the betting tables and win more online poker games.