With the advancement of new technologies and all the innovations that are taking place in the online casino sector , they have stepped up to make the gaming experience much better on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

More and more players are encouraged to play at online casinos from their mobile devices. Because? Perhaps because we take our mobile phones or tablets with us anywhere, which allows you to quickly access them at any time and wherever you are.

Stay with us, we will analyze all the most relevant aspects and the advantages offered by both options, to really know from which device you play better. Take note!

Desktop version VS mobile version

If we stop to compare the desktop version and the mobile version, we can find certain features that are worth taking into account. Next, we summarize what each version stands out for:

From the computer

First of all, it could be said that this is the version par excellence, and in terms of screen size, it is true that it is the one that offers a much more impressive visual experience.

As a general rule, from the main menu you will be able to access all the sections and sections of the casino, as well as use one of the most popular contact channels to solve doubts or problems: online chat.

Some of the best rated casinos for their computer version are: Casino Gran Madrid, 888Casino and Marca Casino.

From the phone

The mobile version is designed to offer a casino interface so that anyone can move through the different ones. So its design usually stands out in its simplicity.

As usual, the screen of smartphones and tablets is much smaller than that of a computer, although they still maintain the same quality in terms of graphics.

Several of the casinos that offer this fully adapted version with a responsive design are: Rizk Casino, Paf Casino and Bwin Casino.

Main differences

To tell the truth, if you compare both versions you will find practically the same content, from the slots and table games to the news, events, bonuses and promotions sections, etc.

These are the differences that stand out the most:

  • Screen size.
  • Connectivity through WiFi or 3G-4G.
  • Variety of payment methods.
  • Access from different locations.
  • Battery duration.
  • At the level of connectivity
  • Although it may not seem like it, connectivity is another issue that you must take into account, since it can also influence the operation of the game.

Regardless of the version from which you play, being connected to a fast connection network such as WiFi or 4G will make it easier to navigate faster through the online casino , and most importantly: It will not give you connection failures while you are playing. to some game

While, if you use a 3G connection, it can cause certain difficulties to load some games in addition to delaying the system of the online operator itself.

Access the mobile version

How to access this mobile version? Very simple, to be able to access the operator’s official page through your device, you will have to do it using your favorite web browser, write the name of the casino and… Done!
Remember that you must have an operating system that is compatible with the casino you are going to access, which generally accept iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Mobile app

Another totally valid option is to download the casino App, either from the app store of your device or from the mobile version of the operator you choose. It will have the same features as the mobile version, but with the convenience of having it in just one touch.

Most of the top casinos have their own mobile app. Look at them.

To complete

It cannot be said that one version is better than the other, since it will depend on several factors, in addition to the gaming preferences of each user. Knowing this, it is now up to you to decide where to play, or better yet, try both versions of the demo games and you will be able to see for yourself which platform you find more compelling. What are you waiting for?

What is a fact is that the mobile version and the app are gaining more weight and popularity among players, but we will continue to monitor this trend in the future. Who knows how things could change?

Keep playing slots and other table games as well as keep enjoying all the promotions and offers. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to check the battery and data available for the connection, and avoid any mishap.