Slots are one of the most typical and traditional games of physical casinos. Who has not seen large machines full of lights and buttons in which reels did not stop turning? However, this game made the leap to the online sector, becoming today one of the most acclaimed games in online casinos: Slots.

This game has a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is based on a computer system that generates results in the form of digits, icons or numbers completely randomly. This guarantees a transparent and safe game.

You can find slot machine games in almost any online casino in the world. Best of all, there is an immense variety of creations with the most diverse themes you can imagine. The possibilities of choice are one of the greatest.

With the modification of the gaming legislation in our country, when online casinos entered with force , and with them slot machines. It should be mentioned that thanks to the advances of the internet it has not been until the last 5 years that this fun game has experienced the greatest increase in popularity it has suffered.

Types of slots

Not only is there a type of slot, but they can be classified in different ways: depending on the theme of the game, the software development company, the year of launch, the number of pay lines, etc.

Slots according to their reels

This may be the easiest way players classify slots: based on the number of reels and rows they have.

This aspect may not seem very important, but it really greatly changes the way you play, since the number of pay lines varies, that is, the number of combinations that can be winning, although it will not always depend on this factor.

Slots with 3 reels: This is the most traditional slot format, since the first physical machines only had three reels and three rows. The game in these slots is much simpler, and the possible combinations are quite reduced.

Slots with 4 or more reels: These are the most modern slot machines, ranging from 4 to 6 reels, in which the number of lines also varies from 3 to 4. The bonus features are much more impressive and beneficial in this type of slot.

Slots according to their characteristics

Slots by theme: You may know the typical fruit and number and letter slots from the deck, although they are not so fashionable anymore. There are hundreds of games with a design, a soundtrack and a game thread guided by the same theme. Greek and Roman mythology, superheroes, spy and suspense themes, fear, science fiction, etc. are very present.

Progressive slots: The bets of each player are added to the common pot of the game, which allows the prize to obtain a winning combination to be really impressive.

Adapted Slots

New technologies have made it easier to access the internet from anywhere, and this has led to more and more software providers joining in adapting slots to mobile devices, in addition to offering truly amazing graphics using design techniques. more advanced.

Slots adapted to the mobile version: The vast majority of slots are available so that they can be played from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Slots in 3D and HD: The most powerful developers are launching games that highlight the incredible design, special effects and movements of the slots. They are the newest, and are not yet widespread.

How does a slot machine work?

Although it may seem that behind the game there is a very complex system, it is quite simple to understand. The game itself consists of spinning the reels on the screen (containing different symbols, characters, numbers or letters), until they stop. In this way, depending on the arrangement of how the different icons have fallen, one or another combination can be formed.

These combinations, which trace the path of sequences of the same symbols, are known as pay lines, and in the event that they match a winning combination, a win will be obtained or a bonus feature will be activated. Of course, not all combinations pay the same.

Different sequences (five diamonds, three fruits, etc.) generate different prizes. Those that are more likely to generate smaller amounts, and the “special” combination, which is usually three to five symbols closely related to the theme of the slot, are the ones that usually make you jump with excitement.

Differences: Online slots VS physical slots.
There are obvious differences between online slots and traditional land-based casino slot machine games. Next, we explain the most notable aspects to take into account.

Online slots

The evolution of these games and of technology has made the design of the video slots game much more attractive and modern at first glance.

Likewise, it is much easier to access them, not only physically, since it is not necessary to go to any physical casino, you can access them from your mobile device, but also, in the same online operator you have a wide variety of slots between which to choose.

Finally, you can make payments through different payment platforms instantly, using totally safe and reliable methods.

Physical slots

To play slots on physical machines you will have to go to a place where they are available. The vast majority of machines only accept cash, although the most modern ones have a card reader, even so, the payment options are quite limited.

In addition, the staff of the casino or the establishment in which you find yourself will be at your disposal.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the selection of games is not nearly as wide as that offered by online casinos with more than 500 different titles.

What is the RTP of slots?

The RTP is an algorithm equivalent to the Player Return Rate, which represents as a percentage the monetary amount that is expected to be returned to the player, and is taken into account in the long term.

In online casinos you will find that each video slot has its own RTP, although as a general rule, these values ​​move in a range of values ​​that go from 90% to 99%.

So that you can understand it, if you make a deposit of €10 in a slot with an intermediate RTP of 95%, and you make 100 bets, according to this probability, you will end up with €9.50.

RTP ranges

Knowing the Return to Player Rate can be of great help when choosing which slots to play, since it will obviously be much more interesting to choose those that have a higher RTP value, but be careful… It is not always like that! Here are the three ranges in which we can classify the RTP of slots:

  • Low value: 90% to 93%
  • Average value: From 94% to 95%
  • High value: 96% to 99%

A low return value implies that the amount wagered that the game will return to you is low, so the chances of making a profit are not very high.

With slots that have a medium RTP value range, you will have more chances to get a higher profit, since the frequency with which it can be awarded is higher.

Finally, a higher RTP will give you more chances of winning, and therefore your bets will be much more profitable.

Aspects to consider about the RTP

Every spin of the reels is totally random, thanks to the Number Generator, which means that the ‘History’ of the slot won’t determine when you can hit big wins. In other words, a game that has been played a lot will have the same chance of coming up with a winning combination as a game that has not been played that much.

The RTP percentage value refers to the probability of returning the bet for each spin of the reels, not the game in total. This is very important to keep in mind.

If you are just getting started with slot games, we advise you to play the demo versions offered by the vast majority of slots. This way you will be able to see and understand first-hand how RTP works.

High RTP Slots

Many of the video slots offered by online operators have an RTP of intermediate values, however, finding games with high RTP is not easy, that is why we bring you several of the titles with the highest Player Return Rate that we have found.

For starters, Microgaming’s famous Breakaway game has an RTP of 97%, which is very similar to Birds on a Wire, a Thunderkick slot whose RTP reaches 97.2%.

Moving up the rankings, NetENT’s Kings Of Chicago slot has an RTP of 97.8%, as does NetENT’s Kings Of Chicago slot.

We have saved the best slot for last: Blood Suckers, because this slot from the company NetENT has an amazing Player Return Rate of 98%.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover everything these slot games have to offer.